A Second Story
Monday, July 12, 2004
Beggars Can't Be Choosers
Well, we asked if our friend at Columbia Distributing could get us a pool table light, and he came through. For $25, we are proud owners of this beautiful MGD bottle on ice.

The lamp reminds Derek of the leg lamp from the movie A Christmas Story.... (scroll down the link to see other cool Christmas Story items, like the action figures and the Christmas lights!). This thing is just ugly enough to be funny.

Friday, July 09, 2004
Big Money Goes Around the World
We just dropped a fortune on the most important feature for the bonus room - the tv and stereo system. We bought a 50" Optima rear projection DLP tv, two Paradigm tower speakers, a subwoofer, a center channel, a receiver, a dvd player that supports super audio cd's and dvd audio discs, and ceiling speakers to complete the surround sound experience. We have yet to buy the two outdoor speakers for your listening pleasure on the deck. Kee-razy.

The stairs are finished to a point... we need the special drywall fixer guy to come and repair all the broken spots. He is apparently in high demand, so who knows when he is coming. The stairs can't be completed until this guy puts up some metal bits and finishes it, so Steve can then screw in and glue in the banisters and stuff. It is sturdy, for now.

We were able to move in the bed, couch, tv, table, and other random furniture to the upstairs, so it is taking shape. Apparently you can move in before the final inspection. It is 8pm on friday night, and the mason for the chimney is here putting up scaffolding and getting ready to do his work tomorrow. The deck is nearly finished, just needs handrails and banisters... funnily enough, our contractor said that Jeff would be done with it "tommorrow" (this was on tuesday). Today they suddenly need more materials before they can even finish. Someone needs to take remedial estimating....

They did deliver the cabinets for the bathroom sink and the utility sink today. For some reason, it takes longer to make the drawers and doors, so they will be out sometime. (imagine me inserting my favorite smiley here - :rolleyes:) At least they delivered them half finished, because now the plumber can come out and put in the sinks, and hook up the toilet and the bathtub. Yippee!

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